What is MS in Data Science

What is MS in Data Science

Every business, each organization and every enterprise relies on data. Imagine the amount of data traversing through various ventures and the impact it can have on the various facets. Hence, it goes without saying with respect to the number of people interested in data and even more planning to carve their career niche through it.

So, the program includes 3 key aspects,

  1. Collecting and processing real world data
  2. Designing methodology to solve problems
  3. Implementing a solution.


The following are the key aspects you should know about DATA SCIENCE before plunging into the pool of Data,

  • A proficiency (and believe in the emphasis of the word ‘proficiency’) in Mathematics, Computer Science and Applied statistics is rather mandatory for it. So, if you think you have these three subjects like the back of your hand, you got it.


  • The curriculum involves a variety of subjects which includes content centering on providing a foundation mingled with a lot of practical implications.


  • The MS program is usually available both full time and part time in order for students to achieve their goals.


  • The best of the Universities have tuition scholarship available for selected students. These students are, however selected on the basis of competition. So, you can avail know how about this through our Career Advice Point educational services counselors.


  • The program of MS in Data Science involves an introduction to data science, machine learning and big data to name a few.


Some of the top notch Universities worldwide, which you can apply for MS in Data Science, are,

  • Stanford University
  • Columbia University- New York
  • University of California- Berkeley
  • University of Southern California
  • Georgetown University.