5 travel documents you need for boarding your international educational journey

5 travel documents you need for boarding your international educational journey

It is quite compulsory to have a number of documents when you are planning to travel abroad; however, this list becomes rather exhaustive when you are planning to make a new country as an international study destination.

So, here is a list of 5 travel documents which are mandatory for boarding your international educational journey,

  • Passport - This is like that most important, indispensable identity proof you must definitely have. Even if you are planning to go for abroad education, the next year you need to have this well in advance. Yet again, for examinations like GRE, SAT and IELTS the passport is obligatory. As of presently almost all the major cities of India have the online availability of availing the passport. You can get the valid information for the same through online mode with ease.


  • Visa - this is another really essential document required by you to study abroad. It is an official document released by the country wherein you can reside and travel to for the specific tenure. There are set rules to get a Visa for a country and it depends on the countries’ policies. Nevertheless, in order to apply for a Visa you need to be really careful about the various aspects like your application should show your intent to return back to your country after completing the course, you should have an acceptance letter for the program and you should have financial proof to pursue your proposed studies to name a few. For more details you can contact the well versed Career Advice Point team of counselors.


  • International student card - This is like a worldwide usable card which will assist you to save money. It can also be like an identification document with you all the time since it has your photo, your birthday and your original country. The most promising aspect is that it carries medical benefits and even an emergency evacuation fee. You can avail it with seamlessness by the ISE card website.


  • Age card proof - In many numbers of instances, you will need to carry a proof of your age all the time when in another country. And, somehow it is not really feasible to carry your passport with you. Thus, what you need to do is check out the official website of the country to find out what type of document or card can work for the same. It will be of great assistance to you.


  • Certificate of vaccinations - most of the countries have this aspect rather mandatory that you have had the complete certification of vaccination before you have boarded their flight. You can take assistance for the same from the travel agent, the local Health Department or a Doctor.


While it is really important that you are assured pertaining to the program you are applying, the country you are aspiring for or the examinations you need to quality, do not even for once ignore these 5 indispensable travel documents!

Happy studying!