5 job profiles to explore after a degree in Construction management

5 job profiles to explore after a degree in Construction management

You can attribute it to the growing infrastructure market, the novel innovations which are a part of the construction field or the amenities which continue to embellish the civil engineering; the field of Construction Management is burgeoning.

So, before escalating down or up directly to the job profile which you can explore, let us know,

What is Construction management?

The profile of a construction manager is to make sure all the parties or the service providers are delivering the project on time, under budget and maintaining the standard of eminence, scale and purpose. It is basically the management of schedule, quality, safety, scope, function and cost of a construction project. The work regime thus, involves a blend of technical skills, business knowledge and communication skills.

The top 5 job profiles which can be explored after a degree in Construction management are,

  1. Building control surveyor - The job involves keeping a track of all the information and making sure that the regulation and legislation are followed when construction of houses, offices, buildings.

Salary- 22,000 to 28,000 Euros for beginners and with experience it goes to 40,000 Euros.

  1. Building services engineer - The profile involves planning, mounting and upholding the services that are required to allow a building to do what it is made for as in the function. This would involve the requisites centering on beauty, lighting, safety and other basic amenities.

Salary- 26,000 to 28,000 Euros for beginners and with experience it reaches to +55,000 Euros.

  1. Construction manager - As a construction manager the responsibility includes an assurance that a particular project is completed taken into account the safety measures, the required budget and the time frame.

Salary-26,000 to 33,000 Euros for beginners and for the most experienced professionals it goes up to 70,000 Euros.

  1. Quantity surveyor - Your job profile will involve making sure that you are able to manage all the cost and still give the best standard and quality. It will involve a plethora of responsibilities, including, preparing the tender to arranging the payments.

Salary-20,000 to 30,000 Euros for beginners and reaches to 65,000 Euros up to senior level.

  1. Site Engineer - The responsibility of a Site Engineer includes, acting as the main technical adviser, surveying the site, preparing reports and planning the work with efficiency. It also involves the supervising of selection and the requirements of the materials.

Salary-22,000 – 26,000 Euros and reach to 55,000+ Euros.


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