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The reasons for choosing USA as your next Educational platform

The United States of America harbors an incessant allurement for international students from round the globe. It is definitely attributed to the benefits associated with this promising dais in the form of,

  • The global exposure- the United States of America has the finest education system embellished with a global exposure.
  • The abundance in program- The Universities and Colleges have a variety of programs under the Graduate and Post Graduate courses which the students can select in accordance with their life objectives.
  • The Monetary assistance- The United States of America does have a wide array of financial assistance for the students so as to make availing education a seamless errand.
  • The Innovation and advancement- The country is renowned for innovation and advancement in the various fields associated with educational excellence.
  • The ease-The education system in the country is such that the students are able to transfer from one program to another with ease.
  • The promising ranking- The Universities and Colleges have the finest infrastructure and world class amenities which have made them an epitome of top notch rankings.
  • The realistic approach- In order to provide the students with better podium and experience of growth there is plentiful opportunity to learn better and earn on their educational journey, rendering a comprehensive development.

USA Education system

The education system of Germany centers on the European form. In this country, emphasis is laid on quality development. Also, the highest standards are a part of it. There are two types of institutions, the Universities which are research-centric and the Universities of Applied Sciences.

Italy education system

The education system of the United State of America is an exemplar of flexibility since it is not centralized. Every educational institute has the right to decide on its own program and the admission criteria.

The Certifications

The following certifications/degree is available in the Colleges/Universities in USA:-

  • Associate degree- First two years of a University bachelor degree or the four years of a college
  • Bachelor’s degree-Four year course/ Students who have completed a particular tenure of their degree in India can apply as a transfer student for the degree.
  • Masters degree- One or Two year program depending on the University and or specialization.
  • Doctorate- 3 to 5 years duration.

Degree/Program requirements/Eligibility criteria

  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE is mandatory in order to avail admission in this program for the Associate degree
  • SAT/ACT and TOEFL/IELTS/PTE is compulsory to get admission to the program of the Bachelors degree
  • GMAT for Management subjects, GRE for Arts and Science along with TOEFL/IELTS/PTE is essential for the program of Masters. 16 years of education is also compulsory for the Masters Degree program.
  • GRE/GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS/PTE is requisite for admission to the PhD or Doctorate program. A research proposal is also needed to be submitted for the same. A degree in Masters Program is essential as well.
  • For Postgraduate a TOEFL score of 80-90 and for undergraduate a TOEFL score of 70-80 is required.
  • For Postgraduate an IELTS band of 6.5-7 and for undergraduate an IELTS band of 6-6.5 is required.
  • A Sound academic background
  • Well drafted and impeccable Letter of Recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose, Essays and Resume immaculately fabricated
  • Good monetary status
  • Certifications for extra-curricular achievements and other accolades

The planning and preparation for USA intake

For all those of you aspiring students who want to carve a niche in your educational journey, a time period of 6-18 months is mandatory. You need to plan in advance and have to take care of the minutest details.

The detailed process,

  • Prepare the passport.
  • Avail information pertaining to the entire application procedure and University/ program via consultancies or education fairs
  • Select the University in accordance with the subject of your choice, the curriculum and the ranking
  • Documentation of the application requiring covering letter, application form, essays, resume, statement of purpose, transcripts, mark sheets etc.
  • Admission confirmation involves, a University I-20 form, a waiver letter and an unconditional admit letter
  • Student visa involving an I-20 form, academic documents, IT returns, Visa fee, passport amongst others
  • Air tickets, airport pickup, forex, insurance and accommodation conclude the final step, or rather the first step towards that pertinent step reaching your career goal.

The USA Universities/Colleges have two intakes. The Fall which comprises of August/September and the Spring which includes January/February/March.

The Grading system

The performance of the students is evaluated in accordance with the Grade Point Average, GPA.

  • A GPA with a range of 3-4 implies to Grade A and is equivalent to High achievement
  • A GPA with a range of 2-3 implies to Grade B and is equivalent to Satisfactory
  • A GPA with a range of 1-2 implies to Grade C and is equivalent to Minimum passing
  • A GPA with a range of 0-1 implies to Grade D and is equivalent to Fail.

The GPA provides with insightful information pertaining to the scholarship.

Tuition fee

The Colleges/Universities are public and private. The fees for both the categories are different.

  • For the Undergraduate program of Public educational institute the tuition fee is 15,000- 20,000 $ every year, while for the private institutes, it ranges from 20000-30000$.
  • For the Postgraduate program of Public educational institute a tuition fee of 15000-25,000 $ every year is charged while for the Private educational institutes the charge is 20000 – 35000 $.

Types of Accommodation

The accommodations involve,

  • On campus- Halls of residence or students hostel
  • Off campus- Home stay/Apartments/Flats

Other than this, the living expense depends on the city you have chosen to live in. A metro city will definitely cost more as compared to the suburban area. The average cost is $ 15,000- 18,000 per year. The students are advised to stay on campus for a period of the first 6 months.

Financial assistance

The Universities/Colleges in USA provide with a scholarship/ fee waiver to the deserving candidates. This in turn depends on the academic performance, extracurricular achievement and the awards and accolades won.

Campus jobs

  • On campus a student is allowed to work 20 hours a week during the semester
  • During vacation a student can work for 40 hours a week
  • Post the completion of the program a student is eligible to work for 1 year, also known as Optional Practical Training
  • The students qualified or qualifying for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are eligible to work for a period of 36 months.

The USA students Visa

Since, USA continues to be the preeminent choice for the students, we provide with a step wise and all-inclusive approach to it.


The industries which make up the major economy of US include,

  • Telecom
  • Management
  • Medicine
  • Genetics
  • Hospitality
  • Software to name a few.

Why Career Advice Point?

The intake involves the months of,

  • A complete guidance is provided by us from the scratch to the sky
  • Our well versed team employs a comprehensive approach
  • A step wise procedure organized and executed by us to assist you better
  • We stay updated with respect to the latest norms and rules.

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