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The reasons for choosing the UK as your next educational destination

The UK is becoming the quality education hub for international students seeking for a global exposure. And, the reasons will give you a sneak peek into the entire picture,

  • The legendary alumni- The quality in the UK education system is bespoken with the variety of programs and its specialization available. Undoubtedly, the legendaries have traversed the path of educational system in order to reach new accomplishments, and their list is rather exhaustive.
  • The learning environment – The environment is of paramount significance and in the UK education system, it is embellished with the state-of-the-art teaching and learning pedagogies along with strengthening of the original thought process.
  • The impeccable facilities- A plethora of planned social activities, academic assistance, personalized approach towards teaching the students is a part of the impeccable facilities which make the UK education system proficient.
  • The cost-effectiveness- The UK education harbors many financial assistance activities which center on the better and promising scholarship options. Yet again, there are also the student discount facilities which are provided via the National Union of Students.
  • The variety- Whether it is the number of Universities, the types of Colleges or the disparate programs, there is immense to look forward to for the students to avail their passion or their likeability.
  • The multicultural environment- Indeed, that another aspect which cannot be obliterated when the students are making a decision for the International destination for availing education. UK offers the finest multicultural environments so that the students from round the globe are able to study in there with seamlessness.
  • The educational tenure- the educational program/courses are of small tenures. They involve 3 year undergraduate program and even 1 year, postgraduate programs.
  • The accessibility to Europe- The European cities do have an easy connectivity along with affordability. The students travelling to UK for availing educational excellence are able to be on the receiving end of accessibility to European cities.

And, this is not it.

  • The inhabitants of UK portray an amicable nature and have an established value system.
  • The UK is the host to some of the most beautiful and scenic destinations of the world.
  • The recreational activities at UK comprises of movies, rugby, football, cricket and the night outs.

Academic eligibilities

For the undergraduate program,

  • For the engineering, law, management and other high ranking programs the minimum requirement of percentage is 80-85%. Yet again, the highest ranking Universities have a requirement of 90% as a part of their eligibility criteria. The IB levels expected range from 30-40 and AAA levels preferred.
  • For the subjects including Arts, Humanities, Social Science and Computers the eligibility percentage which qualifies for admission is 70-80%.
  • For those students who have had a score of 60% or less in their School of Class 12th education, at first need to avail the Foundation and Diploma programs which in turn assist them to avail a seat into the good ranking Universities.
  • An 18 year education is mandatory for the students aspiring for availing education at UK.

For the Post Graduate program,

  • For the postgraduate programs a minimum of 60% marks in the undergraduate is mandatory. Yet again, there are the Universities which need a 70-75% for qualifying for their programs.
  • For the students who have scored as low as 50-60% an admission to the program requires some more qualification or even the work experience. However, if the student has even lesser percentage they can qualify for a pre masters program and then move on to a Masters program.
  • A GMAT score within 600-700 is compulsory for the finance program and the MBA.
  • For the MBA program work experience is considered beneficial and aids in the admission procedure.
  • For the Universities which are AMBA accredited, a GMAT with a 25 years age and a minimum of 3 year full time work experience post graduation is mandatory. A 1 year of Senior level management experience is also desirable for these programs.

Sandwich programs

  • The amalgamation of period of study with the tenure in the industry.

Foundation programs

  • The foundation program is personalized for students in accordance with the need to suffice their qualification as required for a program in a University/College.


  • For Undergraduate program, a 5.5- 6.0 minimum in each section of IELTS is required.
  • For Postgraduate program a 6.0-6.5 minimum in each section of IELTS is required.
  • For Media, English and Management associated programs, however, the English requirement can be as high as a 7.0 score.
  • The marks in English in Class 12th needs to be up to at least 75%.

The Fee Structure

  • The Art and Humanities tuition fee ranges from 8,000 to 10,000 Euros
  • The Engineering and Science stream tuition fee ranges from 10,000 to 13,000 Euros
  • The Business stream tuition fee ranges from 12,000 to 16,000 Euros
  • The MBA tuition fee ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 Euros

The cost of living

  • The cost of living every year in places other than London is about 9000- 10,000 Euros
  • The cost of living for places near London is 12,000 to 13,000 Euros

Where can you reside?

The UK offers the following variety in accommodation,

  • The students can stay on campus, which involves college hostels.
  • The students can stay off campus by renting a flat or an apartment.
  • The students can stay with families near their educational institutes which encompasses the option of Home stay.


The students can definitely apply for scholarships in the UK Universities or Colleges in the form of awards sponsored by the British Government and those provided by the Universities and Colleges. However, it is pertinent in here for the students to comprehend that these are really competitive awards and diligence at the academic journey is the indispensable requisite.

  • For the undergraduate programs, The Undergraduate and Vocation Scholarship Scheme and the University scholarships are available.
  • For the Postgraduate programs, British Chevening, Commonwealth scholarships and Fellowship plans, the Overseas Research Students Awards scheme and the University based scholarships are available.

Employment opportunities in UK

A 20 hours tenure during the term and a full time during vacation can be pursued by students as their part time employment. For the students availing education below degree level the number of hours is 10 hours a week. Yet again, for the students who are enrolling for a Post Graduate program with the time duration of 12 months or more, a dependent can be sponsored by them who will be allowed to work.


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