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The reasons for choosing Italy as your next study destination

The higher education is that pertinent gateway for accomplishing milestones. And, if you are considering Italy as your next study destination, you will be able to avail the following benefits,

  • Pioneering land- As early as 12th century Italy, laid the foundation of higher education system, ensuring it to be that pioneering platform.
  • A plethora of choices- A wide range of program with options to pursue degree, certificate, online or distant learning is a part of the choices available for students.
  • The industrial paradigm of excellence- Italy has assured to fabricate a prominent position in the world of industries with a top 8th rank. The scientific parks and a number of ventures suffice the paradigm.
  • The innovative education system- The education system of Italy is well nourished with innovation being an integral aspect.

The education system of Germany

The education system of Germany centers on the European form. In this country, emphasis is laid on quality development. Also, the highest standards are a part of it. There are two types of institutions, the Universities which are research-centric and the Universities of Applied Sciences.

Italy education system

The excellence imparted in the education system can be well defined considering the aspect that the term ‘University’ was coined here. It undoubtedly harbors the oldest Universities in the world. It does have a sound public education system which makes it unique and more promising. For the students looking for a fee waiver, free accommodation and even monetary benefits to meet their needs, the academic merits act as the best pathway. There are indeed a plentiful of opportunities for the International students to avail internships, part time jobs and jobs.

And, for all the Indian students aspiring for an Italian higher education system,

The best programs

The most sought after programs in Germany include,

  • Many Universities exempt the students from appearing in IELTS/TOEFL. Hence, it is advisable to comprehend the prerequisite for the particular University before appearing for such examinations.
  • A plenteous of scholarships is associated with the education system in here for the students to take benefit of.

Degree/Program requirement/Eligibility criteria

  • A Bachelor degree program in Italy requires a secondary school diploma as an eligibility criteria
  • A Masters Degree program in Italy requires a Bachelor degree as eligibility criteria.

The program to be enrolled in

The most sought after programs involve,

  • Computer Science and IT
  • Mechanical/Aero/Civil
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Management
  • Biotech, Physio and Pharmacy
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Tourism

Tuition fee

  • 300-500 Euros is the range of semester fee payable for the students every Semester. However, the exact number depends on the University and the program chosen.

Financial assistance

  • The students which make it to the category of grant recipients are not required to pay their University fee. There are established criteria available with the University for a Student to avail the grant.
  • The students who are pursuing internship are liable to monthly scholarships or stipends.
  • The students can apply for scholarships, student loans, refectory meal tickets and fee waivers to name a few.
  • The International students can also avail International Government awarded scholarship.

Campus jobs

  • The International students are permitted to work for a period of 20 hours in a week.
  • The students who like to work for full time can pursue the same during holidays between semesters.

Employment opportunities

The students are at first provided with a residence permit for pursuing their education in Italy. Post completion of a degree in Italy, they can stay for up to a period of a year, and it is this time that a new permit can be availed for employment. The latter is available for a period of 5 years.

A basic knowledge in Italian is advisable for better job opportunities.


  • Renting a room in the University campus
  • Rental houses
  • Furnished rooms


  • The public transportation is the most feasible way of travelling in Italy. You can avail transportation pass for less than 21 Euros a month.
  • It is always advisable to cook at home to save money rather than eating outside as a part of the living cost.

The intakes

The intake involves the months of,

  • September

The student Visa

  • The student visa is of 2 types, the type D and the type C. The type C and the type D encompasses 90 days and 20 hours of course per week respectively. In accordance with the choice of program the students need to decide on a Visa type.
  • A student needs to have a valid passport , entry visa application form, valid travel document, a document proof of you accommodation , proof of monetary means, document of paid health insurance, acceptance letter of the University and a receipt of the Visa Application fee for availing student Visa in Italy.


The finest industries associated within Italy include,

  • Engineering
  • Pharma
  • Medicine
  • ICT
  • Management
  • Applied research.

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