"India - Education with values and Ethics"

Educational Institutes in India run mostly on Ethics and Values which is been catered from the Ancestors , Now Education system in India also took modernization which helps in providing open opportunities for students and bringing all the students in same path across the globe. Couple of Cities which are good for education in India.


Hyderabad, ‘the city of pearls’ has for decades been a pertinent learning hub. The city which is the capital of the Telangana state of South India has emerged as a primary education center. It harbors two central Universities, three deemed Universities and 6 state Universities.

Why management colleges?

Yet again, the most promising aspect about the city of Hyderabad has been the rise and establishment of management and business schools. In fact, as of present the city has ensured to have made sure to carve its niche in the sector of corporate aspirants.

The colleges which continue to be an epitome of learning,

  • The ICBM Business School
  • The Dhruva Business School
  • Aurora Business School
  • ISTTM Business School
  • Woxsen Business School

They are preeminent, offer a mélange of opportunities and impart quality education. So, if you are looking for admission procedure, that perfect guidance, the subjects offered or have any query associated with the same, simply call us or click here.

Why Hyderabad?

The city of Hyderabad is able to provide with a podium for,

  • The support for startup- well, definitely a startup requires more than just dreams to follow. It undoubtedly needs the resources and the backend support. All this is readily available in the city of Hyderabad. The attribute can be associated with Hyderabad being a growing sector and one of the most promising cities reflecting accomplishments.
  • The assurance of quality education- with the burgeoning corporate sector the city of Hyderabad provides with the top notch educational institutes, Universities and Colleges as a part of its learning and developing regime. The city does offer a passion for educational aspirants/ business leaders.

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Bangalore, the city nestled in the state of Karnataka. This city, known for its multinational companies, the growing business sector and the hub for skill development continues to be a promising destination for those seeking an accomplished career.

Why management?

Somehow, the reach ability of the soaring heights associated with almost every career concludes with a management degree. The fact that this particular degree encompasses the plans, the strategies and the proficiency further emphasizes on this. The management and business school make sure to offer its students that perfect career option which is indispensable and growing at the same time.

The colleges which you can apply for as a part of the PGDM, MBA, BBA or the like includes,

  • ISBR School of Business
  • IFIM Institute of Management
  • Ramiah Institue of Management studies
  • ISME Bussiness School
  • IIBS Business School
  • Welingkar Institute of Management

These have established themselves as a learning center, offering opportunities and ensuring that growth in the career industry. Thus, whether you are looking for a particular program, a career you have in your mind or a passion which has intrigued you, just call us or click here.

Why Bangalore?

The city of Bangalore, the bustling metropolitan, has immense to offer,

  • The incessant growth avenues- In a city like Bangalore you can be assured of prospects which take you to the jargon portraying growth. The possibilities are immense and so are the chances. There are amenities and there are resources, you ought to avail success in a city like this breathing glorious career day in and out.
  • The podium for quality education- The need of well learned and well versed employees have given rise to the finest educational institutes in the academic sector of Bangalore. You can be assured of the best placements, the most skilled knowledge and the state-of-the-art amenities in here.

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Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is renowned as the ‘Gateway of South India’. It is the largest cultural, educational and economic center of South India. It is an abode of the most preeminent and esteemed educational institutes in the country.

Why management colleges?

The world is resting on the foundation of business which the organizations are able to pursue. And the best aspect is that there is not one or two, but many areas which need expertise to execute a business. This is where the management colleges come to aid. A complete strategy and disparate modules is what makes them befitting for the students.

Here is a list of the finest educational institute of Chennai,

The colleges which continue to be an epitome of learning,

  • The ICBM Business School
  • The Dhruva Business School
  • Aurora Business School
  • ISTTM Business School
  • Woxsen Business School

These institutes definitely have immense to look forward to when you are seeking to pursue excellence in the subject. Thus, if you are interested to have a career made in the flourishing business industry, all you need to pursue is call us or click here.

Why Chennai?

Well, definitely Chennai has established itself as a paradigm of quality education owing to,

  • The number of industries it houses- The fact that Chennai has a variety of disparate industries assures the internships and training for educational aspirants. The students are able to get some of the best placements in here with greater seamlessness.
  • The global perspective- since, the population of Chennai consists of people excelling in all walks of life, you will be able to avail a global perspective with respect to the next step you are planning for. So, you do have a number of opportunities backed with sound support for growth.

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Kolkata, known as the ‘City of Joy’ houses its place in the state of West Bengal as its capital. The city has immense to look forward to being the ‘cultural capital of India’. But, this is just a sneak peek into the brilliance it is able to impart in all its realms. It continues to be the most alluring and fascinating city of the country and the same thought process encompasses its educational institutes.

Why management colleges?

The Bachelor of Business Administration, the learning about the Financial strategies, the planning procedures associated with management aspects! This and much more than this is the accountability associated with business industry and the top notch management position at the multinationals.

For all those of you, aspiring to avail the same, here is a list of best Management colleges in Kolkata,

The colleges which continue to be an epitome of learning,

  • The ICBM Business School
  • The Dhruva Business School
  • Aurora Business School
  • ISTTM Business School
  • Woxsen Business School

These institutes are renowned for their world class amenities and finest curriculum. Thus, if you have questions related to the courses offered, programs or career opportunity, we have the solution. All you need to do is call or click here.

Why Kolkata?

Kolkata is the most amazing educational center for the MBA, BBA or CA aspirants. It is because of,

  • The foundation of the city- the city has years of strong foundation associated with the realm of education. Thus, the students are able to avail immense information, ingest a lot of knowledge and get perfect information to brush their skills and get good know-hows in accordance with the current scenario.
  • The quality education imparted- the city makes sure to impart quality education in the form of the sprawling network of educational institutions it harbors. Thus, students are able to be on the receiving end of immense growth.

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Mumbai, ‘the city of dreams’ is an endearing city in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is the fashion and financial hub of the country. With buildings which have sky soaring heights it has made sure to make up its mark in the realm of educational institutes as well.

Why management colleges?

Whether it is enhancing the sales of an organization, the making of strategies for a company or planning for business development, there is requirement of skills and knowledge for each one of it. And, for those of you who aspire to pursue good in the field, the management colleges are the choicest option. The city of Mumbai does have the best of the Management schools which are an epitome of excellence in education.

Here is a list of the finest colleges to assist you from,

The colleges which continue to be an epitome of learning,

  • The ICBM Business School
  • The Dhruva Business School
  • Aurora Business School
  • ISTTM Business School
  • Woxsen Business School

These colleges with the best amenities do render a platform for management and corporate trainees to avail milestones in their career. So if you have any question associated with them, just call us up or click here.

Why Mumbai?

Mumbai is a land of opportunities owing to it being,

  • The heaven for startups- The fact that the city of Mumbai has a number of multinational companies and business houses, ensures seamlessness for the start up aspirants to learn from. The students can pursue practical learning from the same with greater ease in the city through them.
  • The amenities offered- this modern city does offer many amenities for making your career. You can definitely pave the path for accomplishments from the amenities it imparts, whether in the form of resources or in the form of chances.

For those of you aspiring for a career in the business realm, we fasten the process!



Delhi, the capital city of India continues to be the bustling metropolitan we are always proud of. The city which has been the hub of historical significance and cultural diversity has gradually grown to be an alluring learning center of the country. It harbors some of the most promising educational institutes.

Why management colleges?

The pertinent aspect that management is the conclusive and binding business strategy for every industry somehow enunciates the aspect all by itself. The city of Delhi does house some of the best business schools imparting quality education.

Here is a list of the finest educational institutes to aid you with,

The colleges which continue to be an epitome of learning,

  • The ICBM Business School
  • The Dhruva Business School
  • Aurora Business School
  • ISTTM Business School
  • Woxsen Business School

These institutes do have the best of the class amenities and updated curriculum in accordance with the need of the present. Thus, if you have any queries related to the subjects offered, the placement opportunities or the like, simply call or click here.

Why Delhi?

Delhi is the perfect hub offering learning opportunities. It is that optimum platform for,

  • The global exposure- indeed, the fact that Delhi is the financial, economical and cultural capital of India ensures that global exposure which is the requisite of the finest educational institutes. The fact that people from all round the country and even the international destinations look up to the seat of education, further reaffirms this.
  • The high standard of education- With a city like Delhi, the high standard of education is inevitable. Every nook and corner of the city bespeaks the excellence which has undoubtedly become a part of their educational system. So, immense chances to grow are in here for students.

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Pune, the city known as the ‘Oxford of the East’ is nestled in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is definitely a sprawling educational hub with the finest educational institutions being a part of the city. A variety of colleges and Universities are in the city offering high quality education.

Why management colleges?

Amidst a plethora of benefits associated with the city it never ceases to be the learning center in the form of the best Management Colleges. The colleges ensure to be the perfect podium offering the best-in-the-class career opportunities for the management students.

The colleges which have assured a special place, include,

The colleges which continue to be an epitome of learning,

  • The ICBM Business School
  • The Dhruva Business School
  • Aurora Business School
  • ISTTM Business School
  • Woxsen Business School

These are nothing short of excellence, with ace infrastructure, updated curriculum or the facilities associated with learning. Thus, whether you are looking for norms about admission procedure, requirement about percentage or the subjects offered simply click here or call us.

Why pune?

Pune, acts as the perfect medium for educational aspirants wanting to carve a niche in the field of education as, it has,

  • The developing industrial sector- With the developing industrial sector being a part of the city of Pune, the students are able to learn the required competence associated with the current scenario. There are a lot of benefits which can be cherished by the students studying in the management or and business schools.
  • The skills nurtured-the students who reach out to the city for availing education are able to avail the advantages by skills which are a part of the education rendered. The students are in a position to benefit immensely.

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Jaipur, the pink city of India, is nestled in the most colorful and vibrant, state Rajasthan. The city which bespeaks, “Padharo mhare desh” implying welcome to my land has educational institutes which have many attributes and in-depth excellence associated. It does houses the best higher education institutes for the students to benefit from.

Why management colleges?

The thriving accomplishment which many students are on the receiving end of is well reflected in the passion they have. If you are a student looking for, making your name in the business industry, the management colleges are a must cross bridge.

The city of Jaipur has the best of the educational institutes which include,

The colleges which continue to be an epitome of learning,

  • The ICBM Business School
  • The Dhruva Business School
  • Aurora Business School
  • ISTTM Business School
  • Woxsen Business School

The state-of-the-art facilities and the most well versed faculty make these institutes a center of brilliance. So, if there is any institute or any program you seek to pursue, just call us or click here. Our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

Why Jaipur?

Jaipur is the city renowned for the most appealing palaces reflecting the architectural magnificence. However, it has also in time proven to be an optimum educational dais owing to,

  • The ambience- the city offers an optimistic knowledge ambience in the form of the royal aura it possesses. The best of the facilities, the finest infrastructure and the optimum opportunities are associated with the colleges of this city.
  • The tourism industry- indeed, the city is home to the ever flourishing tourism industry. This explains the ample amount of chances and the realm to grow a business. With tourists coming to the city from round the globe, the opportunities are never ceasing.

For all your aspirants of growth, we are the perfect bridge connecting you and success!



The sparkling beauty, the lush greenery, the kangaroos, the koala, the bushes, the outback, the large metropolitan cities and the leading education hub- Australia!

All you need to know about its quality education

  • The exponential growth- in just a little span of time, this country has carved a niche in the realm of quality education owing to the excellence imparted in the form of the versatility in programs, the enriching pedagogy and the amenities associated.
  • The technology orientation- Research-centric and technology-oriented, these two terms completely define the education system of Australia. Thus, giving the international students a perfect podium.
  • The worldwide recognition- A worldwide recognition is rather indispensable for the international students looking for degrees and certifications. This assures better career opportunities for students throughout the globe.
  • The plethora of programs- Australia provides with a plethora of programs as a part of Graduate and Post graduate courses. Yet again, there are choices in terms of Universities, language training for English and vocational degrees.
  • The cost effectiveness- In comparison with the other two top destinations for international education, the US and the UK, the cost of living, the education fee and other expenses are less in Australia. Also, there are many scholarships available for the students.

The education system of Australia

The education system of Australia reflects on a pertinent benefit for the Indian International students. It is that both, the Australian and Indian Education system have the British education system as their foundation. It has public and private colleges and universities with a practical centric education system.

What are the academic requirements for studying in Australia for Indian students?

The academic requisite for each program and level differs. Thus, it is advisable to contact the academic counselors of the Career Advice Point.

Yet again, the essential requisites involve,

  • A 65% or above in Class 12th. And, then there are the foundation and diploma programs available for students who fall in the category of below 60%.
  • For college degree an 18 year age is a must for the students applying.
  • For a Post graduate program a 3 year graduation degree is mandatory. For a Post graduate honors program a 4 year degree education is required.


The IELTS (International English Language Testing system) is considered obligatory for admission to all the programs of the University and or Colleges in Australia. And, when the students are applying to an MBA program, a GMAT the Graduate Management Admission Exam is considered mandatory. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are also set as academic eligibility criteria for some colleges and Universities. Also, their grade requirement differs for each institute. The GRE is considered pertinent for students applying to graduate schools.

What is the Fee structure in Australia?

  • The average tuition fee for undergraduate programs- AU$ 30,840
  • The average tuition fee for postgraduate programs- AU$ 31,600
  • The average tuition fee for the PhD programs - AU$ 41,280
  • The average tuition fee for the medical degree programs- AU$ 80,136

The above is an approximate amount which varies in accordance with the courses and the educational institute.

How much is the cost of living for an Indian student in Australia?

Undoubtedly, the Australian system of living is a lot dependent on the fact that Australia reflects on excellent standards. Thus, you can expect a high cost of living.

  • The on campus accommodation costs about AU$ 750-800
  • The transportation pass – AU$ 100
  • The basic amenities- AU$ 300-350

And, you cannot obliterate the entertainment cost

  • The entertainment- AU$200

This comes around AU$ 1450, which in turn is equivalent to INR 71,036.00 approx.

Another expense,

  • In Australia, an overseas Student Health Cover is vital to apply for a student visa. It is basically a health insurance and its cost varies in accordance with the terms of the College/University.

The accommodation for students in Australia

The students can choose from a variety of accommodation options from the range below:-

University accommodation- the best option is University accommodation in the form of on-campus residence. Cost- AU$ 90 - $ 300 every week

Hostels and guesthouses- this accommodation is more cost effective in consideration with the on-campus accommodation. But, then comes with shared kitchen and washroom facilities and more scope for interaction. Cost- AU$ 90- $ 200 per week

Rental accommodations- The private rental accommodation can be on shared or independent basis. It does, however, involve a bond which is a month rent in advance. Cost – AUD $ 165 to $ 440 per week on singular basis and AUD $ 85 to $ 215 is for shared.

What are the scholarship options for students in Australia?

The Australian Government offers the following scholarship,

  • Australian Award Scholarship
  • Endeavor Post Graduate scholarship award
  • International Post Graduate Research scholarships

And, then there are the scholarships provided by the Australian Universities to the International students. The following Universities offer the best scholarship for international students,

  • University of Sydney
  • Macquarie University
  • La Trobe University/li>
  • Monash University

Work permit

The Australian education system does have some fixed norms with reference to the work permit for international students.

  • The students cannot start working before their college/University education commences.
  • The students under the Visa subclass 500 are eligible to work for a total of 40 hours in a span of 14 days. During the semester or program breaks, however, they can work for unlimited period.
  • The students can get part time jobs in retail sales, restaurants, cafes, hotels, motels, sales, telemarketing, and administration sector as well.

Which job sectors are booming in Australia?

The popular job sectors include,

  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Education
  • Construction and Architects
  • Information and Communication Technology.

What are the intakes for Australia?

The intake seasons involves,

  • February
  • July

Why should you trust us the Career Advice Point?

The Career Advice Point is the place you will be able to find the finest options, in the form of

  • Answer to all your queries
  • Best guidance in the industry
  • Experienced team of counselors
  • Our student-centric approach.


The reasons for choosing Canada as your next Educational platform

Canada harbors an increasing number of international students every year. It is undoubtedly becoming the choicest options for students seeking education on an International podium.

  • Because Quality is what matters the most

Many norms encircle around the quality education imparted at the Canadian educational institutions. In accordance with the OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development the largest chunk of investment pertaining to learning and knowledge is pursued in Canada. The percentage of the same is more than in any other country. There are more than, 10% educational institutes which are included in the list of ‘Top 200 institutes of the world’. Moreover, the degree a student avails from this country has a global recognition.

  • Because it is cost effective

Canada continues to be the country which offers the lowest tuition fees for its educational institutes. This implies the best of the advancement in consideration with state-of-the-art education system at a really cost effective mode. This also is the insight behind the enhancement in the number of students approaching it for higher education.

  • Because you might not want to leave the country ever

The country does attract the students to take up a permanent residency here. For the students who are studying in Canada, it takes a span of 15-18 months for the same. Though, there are some eligibility criteria which are needed to be sufficed for the same.

  • Because safety norms are of significance

The strictest and the most comprehensive safety norms are followed in the Canadian educational institution campus to assure the students with complete safety. In fact, the Universities and Colleges have a number of safe programs updated round the year to assist the students in their security.

  • Because communication cannot be ignored

The major communication language in Canada is English. So, the students need not be perturbed with regards to the communication void. There are provinces where more people speak French, but then it is localized in that particular area only. The country does have a bilingual language system and there are French speaking communities, however, the primary communication language continues to be English.

  • Because work norms are promising

The updated system of work rules clearly notifies that that students are eligible to work off campus for up to a span of 20 hours a week and complete tenure during vacation, even without a work permit. Yet again, there are paid co-op program wherein the students are benefitted by getting experience of the industry and at the same time being financially independent. In accordance with the particular program a student can work up to 3 years in Canada.

Canada Education System

The Canadian Education system comes under the umbrella of the jurisdiction imparted by province and state. The public education in Canada is free of cost so the students are not required to pay any amount of fee up to Class 12th of their school education. After which, the educational institutes are bifurcated into the Universities and Community Colleges.

In fact, the students have a choice of selecting from an assorted section of 96 Universities and 175 Community colleges offering a sprawling set of programs. The students are eligible to avail benefit from the vocational and technology courses offered on campus. The community colleges and the technical institutes have an updated curriculum, which is centered on the career requirements and is technically oriented. It also encompasses a plethora of in- and off-campus programs, the finest pedagogies conducive to better learning and more options for practical imbibing. Then there are the Universities which are known for low tuition fees owing to them being publicly funded. These are renowned for the disparate programs/courses offered, ranging from undergraduate to Doctorate level.

The Certifications

Since, you are embarking on this journey of availing higher education; it will just be apt for you to have a complete know-how about the certifications offered at the Canadian education system and its meaning,

  • Certificate- a one year program
  • Diploma- a one or two year program
  • Advanced Diploma- A 3 year program
  • Bachelor degree- 4 years of full time study program
  • Post graduate diploma/Certificates- a specialized program of 8-12 months. It involves work terms. A Bachelor degree is mandatory for applying for this program
  • Masters degree-a 2 year program which can be followed after the Bachelor degree program
  • Doctorate or PhD program- a 4-7 years of research oriented program followed after the Masters degree.

Degree/Program requirements /Eligibility criteria

  • For a program in advanced diploma/diploma/ Certificate course- a higher secondary education along with requisite IELTS/TOEFL score is mandatory
  • For a program in Bachelor degree a higher secondary education with first division and the requisite IELTS/TOEFL score is compulsory
  • For a Post Graduate certificate/Diploma a Bachelor degree and the IELT/TOEFL score is required
  • For a Masters degree a First division in Bachelor program or a Post Graduate certificate or Diploma (Canadian) along with the IELTS/TOEFT score is obligatory.


Appearing and scoring well in IELTS/TOEFL examination is mandatory for all the International students applying in Canada.

The eligible scores are,

For Undergraduate aspirants-

  • IELTS band of 6.0/6.5 and TOEFL above 80

For Post graduate aspirants-

  • IELTS band of 6.5/7 and TOEFL above 90

As a part of their education system,

  • Diploma program accepts IELTS and PTE
  • Postgraduate Diploma program accepts IELTS and PTE
  • Bachelor program accepts IELTS, TOEFL and PTE
  • MS program accepts IELTS and TOEFL

The planning and preparation for Canada Intake

  • A year of advance studies is required for availing admission into the program
  • The two intake seasons are, Fall- September and Winter- January. However, this differs in accordance with the program and the College/University. Yet again, there are May admissions as well applicable to some educational institutes.

Tuition fee

  • In the Diploma and Certificate program, the tuition fee ranges from C$ 13,000 to 16,0000 every year
  • In Bachelor program, the tuition fee ranges from C$ 13,000 to 18,000 every year
  • In Masters Program, the tuition fee ranges from C$ 17,000 to 25,000 every year.

Learning is an indispensable aspect

Indeed, as a part of Canadian Education system learning continues to be the most pertinent aspect. Thus the Co-operative work terms are its vital part. In here the student is associated with a productive work and is able to avail remuneration for the same. The progress of the student during the entire program is monitored. And, the total amount of co-op work term includes at least 30% of the time spent in academic studies. It aids the students in fabricating good network opportunities.

Types of Accommodation

For the students the search for accommodation always tops the list of their queries. In Canada the students can opt for two types of accommodation, the On campus and the Off campus.

  • For the residence/dormitory- C$ 350- $515 per month is the cost
  • For the Off campus rentals, a shared apartment costs, C$ 350- C$700 per month and a single apartment costs, C$ 500 – C$ 1200 per month.
  • For the home stay options the living costs rounds about C$ 550- C$800 per month.

The norms centering the Canadian Student Visa

It is mandatory for the all the Canadian educational aspirants to avail student authorization and Visa before booking a ticket to the country. The norms are regulated by the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations. The visa processing takes almost a span of 4-6 weeks hence prior preparation is advisable. The complete application kit is required to be submitted to the immigration section of the High Commission. Yet again, there is also the possibility of applying for a study permit online.

The new norms involve,

  • An overall IELTS score of 6 bands and a minimum of 6 in each category. Only the past 2 years, scores are valid for Undergraduate and Post graduate students.
  • A special Guaranteed Investment Certificate GIC of CAD $ 10,000 needs to be purchased mandatorily.
  • The application should have a payment proof of tuition fee given to the College for the first year.
  • The Visa process includes Visa application form, the questionnaire of the student, the family information form, the proof of English proficiency test, the official acceptance letter from Canadian College/Universities, the complete financial documents.
  • The students and the attendants are required to pass a medical examination the Visa and Authorization process to succeed.

Employment opportunities for Students

A 3 year work permit post the Graduation program is applicable for the International students who are graduating from a program of 2 years or more.


The industries which have made sure to establish their paradigm of excellence and growth in Canada include,

  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation
  • Engineering
  • Micro electronics
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Biotechnology
  • Food and Beverage processing
  • Geometrics
  • Ocean & Environmental industries
  • Aerospace
  • Movie and music industry

And, still there is more to Canada

  • The people of Canada have an amicable personality and belong to a multicultural community. It is a bilingual country, with equal emphasis on English and French. The country is an epitome of the confluence of the United States of America, UK and France.
  • The standard of living can be well enunciated from the fact that, Canada has the lowest population density in the world. In fact, in accordance with a survey more than 6 lakhs Canadian citizens belong to the soil of India.
  • The sports like ice hockey, skiing, basketball, rugby, soccer are renowned in the country. You will be able to experience many numbers of Canadian inhabitants practicing the same during weekends and long vacations.

Why Career Advice Point?

With so many attributes associated with the Canadian Educational system you must be intrigued to initiate your educational career in here. This is where we come in. We have the amenities, the experience and the information to guide you in the best manner.

We are known for,

  • Experienced and trained Counseling team
  • Comprehensive knowledge about a plethora of program/college/Universities
  • All inclusive admission assistance
  • A complete Visa support
  • Financial aid

Fabricate the first step of your educational journey in Canada with the best overseas consultant organization- Career Advice Point!



The benefits of choosing Germany as your higher education platform

The Germany harbors the position of a friendly nation in the heart of people with a multicultural community. Yet again, for the students aspiring for higher education it continues to be that optimum pathway rendering excellence in their respective career graphs. The benefits which the students will be able to avail includes,

  • Promising research facility which makes the education system a paradigm of preeminence
  • Innovation and advancements as its integral part
  • An amalgamation of science and industry
  • A plethora of Universities and Colleges to choose from.

The education system of Germany

The education system of Germany centers on the European form. In this country, emphasis is laid on quality development. Also, the highest standards are a part of it. There are two types of institutions, the Universities which are research-centric and the Universities of Applied Sciences.

The program requisites and the eligibility criteria

Each of the Universities of Germany has their own set of unique eligibility criteria depending on their program and courses. Yet again, for a Masters program in Germany, a 4 year degree from a recognized University is must. And, then there are the Universities which also accept a 3 year degree as their eligibility criteria. As a part of her Graduate program, a number of aspects are required to be considered. Each and every University has a different approach to their program. In a more common scenario, a Class 12th education or a one year Bachelor degree from a recognized University and clearing the Feststellungsprufung, the entrance examination for different Universities is required.

For some Universities TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT scores are mandatory. For any query pertaining to the same the Career Advice Point Counselors can be contacted.

The best programs

The most sought after programs in Germany include,

  • Engineering
  • Business Management
  • Maths
  • Computer Science
  • Humanities
  • Fine arts
  • Applied Arts.

The Tuition fee

The Semester fee ranges from 50 to 500 Euro per semester depending on the course and the University offerings.

The other expenses

In Germany the collective cost of accommodation, food, apparels, study material and other day to day expense comes around 650 Euros.

The monetary support

The students whether international or native are able to get a scholarship in public funded institutions in Germany because of the Government guidelines in accordance to which the stated funded institutions charge no tuition fee. The private institutions have a fee structure which is a nominal one as well. Yet again, there are scholarships, which can be availed. The Government funded scholarship involves DAAD and ERASMUS+. And, the Non Government funded scholarship include, Heinrich Böll Scholarships, Humboldt research fellowships, Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung scholarships to name a few.

The jobs on campus

The students can work for 30 hours a week. The students are eligible for part time jobs in libraries, cafeterias, sales executive and even research assistants. In fact, the students can also pursue part time technical jobs in the associated industry.

The opportunities centering its employment sector

Post the completion of the degree the students are eligible to stay in the country for a period of 18 months. During this tenure the students search for that apt employment in accordance with their educational excellence. After which a residence permit is issued to them in order to avail better education. This permit can be extended for a period of 5 years.

The accommodation

The accommodation ranges from,

  • Students Hall of residences- 220-240 German Euros a month
  • Shared accommodation- 280 German Euros a month
  • Apartment- 350 German Euros a month

The University accommodations are given on a first come, first serve basis, hence it is advisable to book well in advance.

The intakes

The Universities in Germany have 2 intakes a year,

  • March
  • October

The Visa

A German Visa requires a longer time, hence, it is advisable that students apply for it in advance. The Visa can be applied in person and a fee of 60 German Euros is charged. The mandatory documents for this include,

  • Valid passport
  • Application form
  • Affidavit/Declaration
  • Cover letter
  • Letter of admission issue by the German University
  • German language test scores
  • Monetary proofs
  • Demand draft
  • 3 passport pictures.

The industries

The major industries in Germany include,

  • Machinery and Automotive
  • Chemical and Medical
  • Consumer and Service
  • Aviation
  • Electronics and ICT to name a few.

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The reasons for choosing Italy as your next study destination

The higher education is that pertinent gateway for accomplishing milestones. And, if you are considering Italy as your next study destination, you will be able to avail the following benefits,

  • Pioneering land- As early as 12th century Italy, laid the foundation of higher education system, ensuring it to be that pioneering platform.
  • A plethora of choices- A wide range of program with options to pursue degree, certificate, online or distant learning is a part of the choices available for students.
  • The industrial paradigm of excellence- Italy has assured to fabricate a prominent position in the world of industries with a top 8th rank. The scientific parks and a number of ventures suffice the paradigm.
  • The innovative education system- The education system of Italy is well nourished with innovation being an integral aspect.

The education system of Germany

The education system of Germany centers on the European form. In this country, emphasis is laid on quality development. Also, the highest standards are a part of it. There are two types of institutions, the Universities which are research-centric and the Universities of Applied Sciences.

Italy education system

The excellence imparted in the education system can be well defined considering the aspect that the term ‘University’ was coined here. It undoubtedly harbors the oldest Universities in the world. It does have a sound public education system which makes it unique and more promising. For the students looking for a fee waiver, free accommodation and even monetary benefits to meet their needs, the academic merits act as the best pathway. There are indeed a plentiful of opportunities for the International students to avail internships, part time jobs and jobs.

And, for all the Indian students aspiring for an Italian higher education system,

The best programs

The most sought after programs in Germany include,

  • Many Universities exempt the students from appearing in IELTS/TOEFL. Hence, it is advisable to comprehend the prerequisite for the particular University before appearing for such examinations.
  • A plenteous of scholarships is associated with the education system in here for the students to take benefit of.

Degree/Program requirement/Eligibility criteria

  • A Bachelor degree program in Italy requires a secondary school diploma as an eligibility criteria
  • A Masters Degree program in Italy requires a Bachelor degree as eligibility criteria.

The program to be enrolled in

The most sought after programs involve,

  • Computer Science and IT
  • Mechanical/Aero/Civil
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Management
  • Biotech, Physio and Pharmacy
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Tourism

Tuition fee

  • 300-500 Euros is the range of semester fee payable for the students every Semester. However, the exact number depends on the University and the program chosen.

Financial assistance

  • The students which make it to the category of grant recipients are not required to pay their University fee. There are established criteria available with the University for a Student to avail the grant.
  • The students who are pursuing internship are liable to monthly scholarships or stipends.
  • The students can apply for scholarships, student loans, refectory meal tickets and fee waivers to name a few.
  • The International students can also avail International Government awarded scholarship.

Campus jobs

  • The International students are permitted to work for a period of 20 hours in a week.
  • The students who like to work for full time can pursue the same during holidays between semesters.

Employment opportunities

The students are at first provided with a residence permit for pursuing their education in Italy. Post completion of a degree in Italy, they can stay for up to a period of a year, and it is this time that a new permit can be availed for employment. The latter is available for a period of 5 years.

A basic knowledge in Italian is advisable for better job opportunities.


  • Renting a room in the University campus
  • Rental houses
  • Furnished rooms


  • The public transportation is the most feasible way of travelling in Italy. You can avail transportation pass for less than 21 Euros a month.
  • It is always advisable to cook at home to save money rather than eating outside as a part of the living cost.

The intakes

The intake involves the months of,

  • September
  • March

The student Visa

  • The student visa is of 2 types, the type D and the type C. The type C and the type D encompasses 90 days and 20 hours of course per week respectively. In accordance with the choice of program the students need to decide on a Visa type.
  • A student needs to have a valid passport , entry visa application form, valid travel document, a document proof of you accommodation , proof of monetary means, document of paid health insurance, acceptance letter of the University and a receipt of the Visa Application fee for availing student Visa in Italy.


The finest industries associated within Italy include,

  • Engineering
  • Pharma
  • Medicine
  • ICT
  • Management
  • Applied research.

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The reasons for choosing the UK as your next educational destination

The UK is becoming the quality education hub for international students seeking for a global exposure. And, the reasons will give you a sneak peek into the entire picture,

  • The legendary alumni- The quality in the UK education system is bespoken with the variety of programs and its specialization available. Undoubtedly, the legendaries have traversed the path of educational system in order to reach new accomplishments, and their list is rather exhaustive.
  • The learning environment – The environment is of paramount significance and in the UK education system, it is embellished with the state-of-the-art teaching and learning pedagogies along with strengthening of the original thought process.
  • The impeccable facilities- A plethora of planned social activities, academic assistance, personalized approach towards teaching the students is a part of the impeccable facilities which make the UK education system proficient.
  • The cost-effectiveness- The UK education harbors many financial assistance activities which center on the better and promising scholarship options. Yet again, there are also the student discount facilities which are provided via the National Union of Students.
  • The variety- Whether it is the number of Universities, the types of Colleges or the disparate programs, there is immense to look forward to for the students to avail their passion or their likeability.
  • The multicultural environment- Indeed, that another aspect which cannot be obliterated when the students are making a decision for the International destination for availing education. UK offers the finest multicultural environments so that the students from round the globe are able to study in there with seamlessness.
  • The educational tenure- the educational program/courses are of small tenures. They involve 3 year undergraduate program and even 1 year, postgraduate programs.
  • The accessibility to Europe- The European cities do have an easy connectivity along with affordability. The students travelling to UK for availing educational excellence are able to be on the receiving end of accessibility to European cities.

And, this is not it.

  • The inhabitants of UK portray an amicable nature and have an established value system.
  • The UK is the host to some of the most beautiful and scenic destinations of the world.
  • The recreational activities at UK comprises of movies, rugby, football, cricket and the night outs.

Academic eligibilities

For the undergraduate program,

  • For the engineering, law, management and other high ranking programs the minimum requirement of percentage is 80-85%. Yet again, the highest ranking Universities have a requirement of 90% as a part of their eligibility criteria. The IB levels expected range from 30-40 and AAA levels preferred.
  • For the subjects including Arts, Humanities, Social Science and Computers the eligibility percentage which qualifies for admission is 70-80%.
  • For those students who have had a score of 60% or less in their School of Class 12th education, at first need to avail the Foundation and Diploma programs which in turn assist them to avail a seat into the good ranking Universities.
  • An 18 year education is mandatory for the students aspiring for availing education at UK.

For the Post Graduate program,

  • For the postgraduate programs a minimum of 60% marks in the undergraduate is mandatory. Yet again, there are the Universities which need a 70-75% for qualifying for their programs.
  • For the students who have scored as low as 50-60% an admission to the program requires some more qualification or even the work experience. However, if the student has even lesser percentage they can qualify for a pre masters program and then move on to a Masters program.
  • A GMAT score within 600-700 is compulsory for the finance program and the MBA.
  • For the MBA program work experience is considered beneficial and aids in the admission procedure.
  • For the Universities which are AMBA accredited, a GMAT with a 25 years age and a minimum of 3 year full time work experience post graduation is mandatory. A 1 year of Senior level management experience is also desirable for these programs.

Sandwich programs

  • The amalgamation of period of study with the tenure in the industry.

Foundation programs

  • The foundation program is personalized for students in accordance with the need to suffice their qualification as required for a program in a University/College.


  • For Undergraduate program, a 5.5- 6.0 minimum in each section of IELTS is required.
  • For Postgraduate program a 6.0-6.5 minimum in each section of IELTS is required.
  • For Media, English and Management associated programs, however, the English requirement can be as high as a 7.0 score.
  • The marks in English in Class 12th needs to be up to at least 75%.

The Fee Structure

  • The Art and Humanities tuition fee ranges from 8,000 to 10,000 Euros
  • The Engineering and Science stream tuition fee ranges from 10,000 to 13,000 Euros
  • The Business stream tuition fee ranges from 12,000 to 16,000 Euros
  • The MBA tuition fee ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 Euros

The cost of living

  • The cost of living every year in places other than London is about 9000- 10,000 Euros
  • The cost of living for places near London is 12,000 to 13,000 Euros

Where can you reside?

The UK offers the following variety in accommodation,

  • The students can stay on campus, which involves college hostels.
  • The students can stay off campus by renting a flat or an apartment.
  • The students can stay with families near their educational institutes which encompasses the option of Home stay.


The students can definitely apply for scholarships in the UK Universities or Colleges in the form of awards sponsored by the British Government and those provided by the Universities and Colleges. However, it is pertinent in here for the students to comprehend that these are really competitive awards and diligence at the academic journey is the indispensable requisite.

  • For the undergraduate programs, The Undergraduate and Vocation Scholarship Scheme and the University scholarships are available.
  • For the Postgraduate programs, British Chevening, Commonwealth scholarships and Fellowship plans, the Overseas Research Students Awards scheme and the University based scholarships are available.

Employment opportunities in UK

A 20 hours tenure during the term and a full time during vacation can be pursued by students as their part time employment. For the students availing education below degree level the number of hours is 10 hours a week. Yet again, for the students who are enrolling for a Post Graduate program with the time duration of 12 months or more, a dependent can be sponsored by them who will be allowed to work.


  • September/October
  • January/February
  • April/May

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