“dubai - Imparting quality education”

The dynamic, the exciting, the beautiful, the land reflecting incredible diversity, the city which is an epitome of warm hospitality, the place known for its economic vitality- just some of the many aspect associated with the awesomeness we call, Dubai!

Why is Dubai the best educational platform?

Time and again the world has been at awe considering the development they witnessed as a part of the city of Dubai, and the charm has today multiplied to manifolds with it capturing that promising International education realm in the network of countries for the aspiring students. The following points will render a clearer picture of the same,

  • The centre of educational excellence- a plethora of Universities and colleges are a part of the education system of the city. The city is a host to more than 20 International Universities of repute. The undergraduate and postgraduate program inculcates the most sought after fields with enhancing educational excellence. It comprises of technology, engineering, computing, business management, fashion, public relations, media and retailing to name a few.
  • The quality learning- the latest in the fields pertaining to the tools, the amenities and the attributes continue to govern the standards of education at Dubai. Thus preeminence is expected with focus on infrastructure and laboratories
  • The work placement- Since, Dubai is a hub of development enormous job opportunities lay open in front of students. The Universities provide with campus placements, yet again, there are chances of being selected for on job training along with full time jobs
  • Cost effective education – In comparison with other International destination for education for the students, the education at Dubai is more cost effective. This is owing to the policies governing the education system of Dubai
  • Other factors- The city has a flourishing economy, which implies imparting a plethora of business amenities across the fields. This in turn is an indication to the number of chances the city tends to provide with and the education system it will help build in. It is really inevitable as to why the city of Dubai is the most promising international educational destination.

Dubai education system

The education system in Dubai for schools encompasses the primary, the secondary and the collegiate education. And, the schools are accredited by the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority pursues the supervision of schools, colleges, public and private institutes.

The certifications

The education system at the highest level, also known as tertiary level is bifurcated into two sub-levels, the Non University level and the University level. The Non University level incorporates the Higher Colleges of Technology offers higher technical and vocational studies. These colleges are operated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. These mostly accept the students with UAE Nationality however, there are those as well which are exceptional! The students can gain information pertaining to it via our, Career Advice Point Counselors.

The University level is applicable to all the students round the world to apply for. It includes the first level in the form of Bachelor degree, the second level in the form of Masters Degree, the Higher Colleges of Technology and the Private Institutions.

Bachelor Degree- A 4 year program

Masters Degree - A 5 year program which involves one year’s further study along with the Bachelor degree. It is basically a Post Graduate diploma along with the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Engineering and Environmental Science

Private Institutions- Dubai harbors many institutes providing with disparate programs to the students in accordance with their choice of subject, the set career goals and the other aspects of educational endeavors.

The Career Advice Point counselors will be able to brief you with regards to the same.

Eligibility criteria

In order to avail admission into the program of undergraduate studies, an aspiring student must possess,

  • A 12 year of school education
  • A minimum percentage of 50%-60%. Exceptions are there with higher percentage requirements
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores are mandatory

In order to avail admission into the program of Postgraduate studies, an aspiring student must possess,

  • An undergraduate degree that is valid in Dubai and in their home country
  • For the Foreign Universities the admission is possible strictly in accordance with the requirement of the International University, branched in Dubai
  • All programs require an IELTS/TOEFL score except a MBA
  • For an admission into the MBA program the student must have had a work experience ranging from a minimum 2 to maximum 4 years in accordance with the College/ University they have applied for.

The planning and preparation for Dubai intake

A student Visa is necessary for pursuing education at Dubai. The processing of Visa necessitates a span of 15-20 days. The Visa requirement includes, sufficient funds, proficiency of English, and overseas health insurance for 90 days with a cover of 30000 EUR.

The admission procedure requires a number of documents, including copy of passport, resume, academic certificates beyond Class 10th, degree certificate, Letter of Recommendations and Statement of Purpose.

The Tuition fee and living expense in Dubai

The cost of study in Dubai varies in accordance with the degree of education,

  • For an undergraduate program, the tuition fee ranges from 37,500 to 70000 AED. Living expense ranges from 2600 to 3900 AED every year
  • For a postgraduate program, the tuition fee ranges from 55,000 to 75,000 AED. Living expense ranges from 2600 to 3900 AED every year


The Dubai Government provides with scholarship for International students. However, the academic result should be brilliant for the students to be eligible for it.

A student loan is also recommended.

Types of accommodation

The type of accommodation available includes the on-campus or off-campus in Dubai.

The on-campus accommodation in Dubai involves

Single room- 55,000 AED

Shared x 2- Ranges from 32,000- 38,000 AED

Shared x 3- Ranges from 25,000- 29,000 AED

Shared x 4- 22,000 AED

The above cost is average.

It is advisable for the students to take the on campus accommodation to save on cost. However, off campus accommodation are also available. This range from the modest 1 bedroom apartment starting from AED 70,000 to 3 bedroom accommodation reaching to a cost of 190,000 AED.

Campus jobs

The students can avail internships in accordance with the University norms they are associated with.

  • Dubai has gradually yet firmly made its mark in the realm of international education. However, the availability is strictly permissible in accordance with the University norms.
  • In order to get a part time job in Dubai the student needs to take permission from the UAE labor department only and only when he or she has a sponsorship from the University
  • The on-campus jobs are provided in libraries, a variety of Departments of the University and in Administration as well.
  • The students those permitted from the University are allowed to work only for a period of 15 hours a week during their Semester tenure, or else 40 hours a week.


The industrial sectors which are prominent in Dubai include,

  • Real estate
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Domestic service
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Information Technology
  • Management

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