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The reasons for choosing Canada as your next Educational platform

Canada harbors an increasing number of international students every year. It is undoubtedly becoming the choicest options for students seeking education on an International podium.

  • Because Quality is what matters the most

Many norms encircle around the quality education imparted at the Canadian educational institutions. In accordance with the OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development the largest chunk of investment pertaining to learning and knowledge is pursued in Canada. The percentage of the same is more than in any other country. There are more than, 10% educational institutes which are included in the list of ‘Top 200 institutes of the world’. Moreover, the degree a student avails from this country has a global recognition.

  • Because it is cost effective

Canada continues to be the country which offers the lowest tuition fees for its educational institutes. This implies the best of the advancement in consideration with state-of-the-art education system at a really cost effective mode. This also is the insight behind the enhancement in the number of students approaching it for higher education.

  • Because you might not want to leave the country ever

The country does attract the students to take up a permanent residency here. For the students who are studying in Canada, it takes a span of 15-18 months for the same. Though, there are some eligibility criteria which are needed to be sufficed for the same.

  • Because safety norms are of significance

The strictest and the most comprehensive safety norms are followed in the Canadian educational institution campus to assure the students with complete safety. In fact, the Universities and Colleges have a number of safe programs updated round the year to assist the students in their security.

  • Because communication cannot be ignored

The major communication language in Canada is English. So, the students need not be perturbed with regards to the communication void. There are provinces where more people speak French, but then it is localized in that particular area only. The country does have a bilingual language system and there are French speaking communities, however, the primary communication language continues to be English.

  • Because work norms are promising

The updated system of work rules clearly notifies that that students are eligible to work off campus for up to a span of 20 hours a week and complete tenure during vacation, even without a work permit. Yet again, there are paid co-op program wherein the students are benefitted by getting experience of the industry and at the same time being financially independent. In accordance with the particular program a student can work up to 3 years in Canada.

Canada Education System

The Canadian Education system comes under the umbrella of the jurisdiction imparted by province and state. The public education in Canada is free of cost so the students are not required to pay any amount of fee up to Class 12th of their school education. After which, the educational institutes are bifurcated into the Universities and Community Colleges.

In fact, the students have a choice of selecting from an assorted section of 96 Universities and 175 Community colleges offering a sprawling set of programs. The students are eligible to avail benefit from the vocational and technology courses offered on campus. The community colleges and the technical institutes have an updated curriculum, which is centered on the career requirements and is technically oriented. It also encompasses a plethora of in- and off-campus programs, the finest pedagogies conducive to better learning and more options for practical imbibing. Then there are the Universities which are known for low tuition fees owing to them being publicly funded. These are renowned for the disparate programs/courses offered, ranging from undergraduate to Doctorate level.

The Certifications

Since, you are embarking on this journey of availing higher education; it will just be apt for you to have a complete know-how about the certifications offered at the Canadian education system and its meaning,

  • Certificate- a one year program
  • Diploma- a one or two year program
  • Advanced Diploma- A 3 year program
  • Bachelor degree- 4 years of full time study program
  • Post graduate diploma/Certificates- a specialized program of 8-12 months. It involves work terms. A Bachelor degree is mandatory for applying for this program
  • Masters degree-a 2 year program which can be followed after the Bachelor degree program
  • Doctorate or PhD program- a 4-7 years of research oriented program followed after the Masters degree.

Degree/Program requirements /Eligibility criteria

  • For a program in advanced diploma/diploma/ Certificate course- a higher secondary education along with requisite IELTS/TOEFL score is mandatory
  • For a program in Bachelor degree a higher secondary education with first division and the requisite IELTS/TOEFL score is compulsory
  • For a Post Graduate certificate/Diploma a Bachelor degree and the IELT/TOEFL score is required
  • For a Masters degree a First division in Bachelor program or a Post Graduate certificate or Diploma (Canadian) along with the IELTS/TOEFT score is obligatory.


Appearing and scoring well in IELTS/TOEFL examination is mandatory for all the International students applying in Canada.

The eligible scores are,

For Undergraduate aspirants-

  • IELTS band of 6.0/6.5 and TOEFL above 80

For Post graduate aspirants-

  • IELTS band of 6.5/7 and TOEFL above 90

As a part of their education system,

  • Diploma program accepts IELTS and PTE
  • Postgraduate Diploma program accepts IELTS and PTE
  • Bachelor program accepts IELTS, TOEFL and PTE
  • MS program accepts IELTS and TOEFL

The planning and preparation for Canada Intake

  • A year of advance studies is required for availing admission into the program
  • The two intake seasons are, Fall- September and Winter- January. However, this differs in accordance with the program and the College/University. Yet again, there are May admissions as well applicable to some educational institutes.

Tuition fee

  • In the Diploma and Certificate program, the tuition fee ranges from C$ 13,000 to 16,0000 every year
  • In Bachelor program, the tuition fee ranges from C$ 13,000 to 18,000 every year
  • In Masters Program, the tuition fee ranges from C$ 17,000 to 25,000 every year.

Learning is an indispensable aspect

Indeed, as a part of Canadian Education system learning continues to be the most pertinent aspect. Thus the Co-operative work terms are its vital part. In here the student is associated with a productive work and is able to avail remuneration for the same. The progress of the student during the entire program is monitored. And, the total amount of co-op work term includes at least 30% of the time spent in academic studies. It aids the students in fabricating good network opportunities.

Types of Accommodation

For the students the search for accommodation always tops the list of their queries. In Canada the students can opt for two types of accommodation, the On campus and the Off campus.

  • For the residence/dormitory- C$ 350- $515 per month is the cost
  • For the Off campus rentals, a shared apartment costs, C$ 350- C$700 per month and a single apartment costs, C$ 500 – C$ 1200 per month.
  • For the home stay options the living costs rounds about C$ 550- C$800 per month.

The norms centering the Canadian Student Visa

It is mandatory for the all the Canadian educational aspirants to avail student authorization and Visa before booking a ticket to the country. The norms are regulated by the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations. The visa processing takes almost a span of 4-6 weeks hence prior preparation is advisable. The complete application kit is required to be submitted to the immigration section of the High Commission. Yet again, there is also the possibility of applying for a study permit online.

The new norms involve,

  • An overall IELTS score of 6 bands and a minimum of 6 in each category. Only the past 2 years, scores are valid for Undergraduate and Post graduate students.
  • A special Guaranteed Investment Certificate GIC of CAD $ 10,000 needs to be purchased mandatorily.
  • The application should have a payment proof of tuition fee given to the College for the first year.
  • The Visa process includes Visa application form, the questionnaire of the student, the family information form, the proof of English proficiency test, the official acceptance letter from Canadian College/Universities, the complete financial documents.
  • The students and the attendants are required to pass a medical examination the Visa and Authorization process to succeed.

Employment opportunities for Students

A 3 year work permit post the Graduation program is applicable for the International students who are graduating from a program of 2 years or more.


The industries which have made sure to establish their paradigm of excellence and growth in Canada include,

  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation
  • Engineering
  • Micro electronics
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Biotechnology
  • Food and Beverage processing
  • Geometrics
  • Ocean & Environmental industries
  • Aerospace
  • Movie and music industry

And, still there is more to Canada

  • The people of Canada have an amicable personality and belong to a multicultural community. It is a bilingual country, with equal emphasis on English and French. The country is an epitome of the confluence of the United States of America, UK and France.
  • The standard of living can be well enunciated from the fact that, Canada has the lowest population density in the world. In fact, in accordance with a survey more than 6 lakhs Canadian citizens belong to the soil of India.
  • The sports like ice hockey, skiing, basketball, rugby, soccer are renowned in the country. You will be able to experience many numbers of Canadian inhabitants practicing the same during weekends and long vacations.

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