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The sparkling beauty, the lush greenery, the kangaroos, the koala, the bushes, the outback, the large metropolitan cities and the leading education hub- Australia!

All you need to know about its quality education

  • The exponential growth- in just a little span of time, this country has carved a niche in the realm of quality education owing to the excellence imparted in the form of the versatility in programs, the enriching pedagogy and the amenities associated.
  • The technology orientation- Research-centric and technology-oriented, these two terms completely define the education system of Australia. Thus, giving the international students a perfect podium.
  • The worldwide recognition- A worldwide recognition is rather indispensable for the international students looking for degrees and certifications. This assures better career opportunities for students throughout the globe.
  • The plethora of programs- Australia provides with a plethora of programs as a part of Graduate and Post graduate courses. Yet again, there are choices in terms of Universities, language training for English and vocational degrees.
  • The cost effectiveness- In comparison with the other two top destinations for international education, the US and the UK, the cost of living, the education fee and other expenses are less in Australia. Also, there are many scholarships available for the students.

The education system of Australia

The education system of Australia reflects on a pertinent benefit for the Indian International students. It is that both, the Australian and Indian Education system have the British education system as their foundation. It has public and private colleges and universities with a practical centric education system.

What are the academic requirements for studying in Australia for Indian students?

The academic requisite for each program and level differs. Thus, it is advisable to contact the academic counselors of the Career Advice Point.

Yet again, the essential requisites involve,

  • A 65% or above in Class 12th. And, then there are the foundation and diploma programs available for students who fall in the category of below 60%.
  • For college degree an 18 year age is a must for the students applying.
  • For a Post graduate program a 3 year graduation degree is mandatory. For a Post graduate honors program a 4 year degree education is required.


The IELTS (International English Language Testing system) is considered obligatory for admission to all the programs of the University and or Colleges in Australia. And, when the students are applying to an MBA program, a GMAT the Graduate Management Admission Exam is considered mandatory. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are also set as academic eligibility criteria for some colleges and Universities. Also, their grade requirement differs for each institute. The GRE is considered pertinent for students applying to graduate schools.

What is the Fee structure in Australia?

  • The average tuition fee for undergraduate programs- AU$ 30,840
  • The average tuition fee for postgraduate programs- AU$ 31,600
  • The average tuition fee for the PhD programs - AU$ 41,280
  • The average tuition fee for the medical degree programs- AU$ 80,136

The above is an approximate amount which varies in accordance with the courses and the educational institute.

How much is the cost of living for an Indian student in Australia?

Undoubtedly, the Australian system of living is a lot dependent on the fact that Australia reflects on excellent standards. Thus, you can expect a high cost of living.

  • The on campus accommodation costs about AU$ 750-800
  • The transportation pass – AU$ 100
  • The basic amenities- AU$ 300-350

And, you cannot obliterate the entertainment cost

  • The entertainment- AU$200

This comes around AU$ 1450, which in turn is equivalent to INR 71,036.00 approx.

Another expense,

  • In Australia, an overseas Student Health Cover is vital to apply for a student visa. It is basically a health insurance and its cost varies in accordance with the terms of the College/University.

The accommodation for students in Australia

The students can choose from a variety of accommodation options from the range below:-

University accommodation- the best option is University accommodation in the form of on-campus residence. Cost- AU$ 90 - $ 300 every week

Hostels and guesthouses- this accommodation is more cost effective in consideration with the on-campus accommodation. But, then comes with shared kitchen and washroom facilities and more scope for interaction. Cost- AU$ 90- $ 200 per week

Rental accommodations- The private rental accommodation can be on shared or independent basis. It does, however, involve a bond which is a month rent in advance. Cost – AUD $ 165 to $ 440 per week on singular basis and AUD $ 85 to $ 215 is for shared.

What are the scholarship options for students in Australia?

The Australian Government offers the following scholarship,

  • Australian Award Scholarship
  • Endeavor Post Graduate scholarship award
  • International Post Graduate Research scholarships

And, then there are the scholarships provided by the Australian Universities to the International students. The following Universities offer the best scholarship for international students,

  • University of Sydney
  • Macquarie University
  • La Trobe University/li>
  • Monash University

Work permit

The Australian education system does have some fixed norms with reference to the work permit for international students.

  • The students cannot start working before their college/University education commences.
  • The students under the Visa subclass 500 are eligible to work for a total of 40 hours in a span of 14 days. During the semester or program breaks, however, they can work for unlimited period.
  • The students can get part time jobs in retail sales, restaurants, cafes, hotels, motels, sales, telemarketing, and administration sector as well.

Which job sectors are booming in Australia?

The popular job sectors include,

  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Education
  • Construction and Architects
  • Information and Communication Technology.

What are the intakes for Australia?

The intake seasons involves,

  • February
  • July

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